Our inventory is currently accessible through the ILS (Inventory Locator Service) and Partsbase. This service is available worldwide and has become standard tools in the aviation industry. The ZEE Company, Inc. also prides itself on updating our ILS and Partsbase Inventory on a regular basis.

Once you have verified stock information your requests can be sent via our e-mail address at [email protected]. Please provide the following information on all quotations: Part Number, Quantity, Description, and the Manufacturer required.

Please note that due to the current high volume of requests received daily our response time is currently 2-5 days. Some requests may require additional research time before a valid quotation can be issued. Once you have received an acceptable quotation please send any purchase orders via our e-mail address at [email protected]. Purchase orders for stock items received prior to 9:00 am (PST) are normally shipped the same business day. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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