Warranty Policy


The Zee Company, Inc. hereinafter referred to as Company,
warrants its overhaul, repair, and test services to be free
from defects in workmanship . The Company’s Warranty liability
shall be limited to repair or replacement of the unit in which
such defect may occur.

A. Overhaul:
“Overhaul” as referred to herein means performing in accordance with applicable publications;
(1)Disassembled, (2)Cleaned, (3)Inspected, (4)Repaired as necessary, (5)Reassembled, and (6)Tested, as authorized in FAR 4 3 . 2 (a).

B. Repair:
“Repair” as referred to herein means returning malfunctioning or damaged equipment to a serviceable condition by correcting such malfunctions and/or damage.

C. Test:
“Test” as referred to herein means testing components in accordance with applicable publications. Such a “Test Only” is only verification or denial of a component meeting or failing test criteria as outlined in appropriate publications.

A. Overhaul:
The warranty for components overhauled at the Company shall be either six (6) months after installation or twelve (12) months after shipment from Company’s facility or one-half (50 percent) of the original equipment manufacturers or airframe manufacturers recommended TBO/TBC or 500 flight hours, whichever period expires first.

B. Repair:
The Warranty for units repaired at the Company is 90 (ninety) days after installation or six (6) months after shipment from the Company’s facility or 100 flight hours whichever period occurs first.

C. Test:
Warranty on units ‘tested’ only is limited to proper operation upon installation on aircraft or six (6) months after shipment from the Company’s facility whichever occurs first.

A. The Company must be notified of any such defect within ten days of discovery and prior to expiration of appropriate warranty period. All warranty work must be performed at the Company. Unit must be returned within thirty (30) days of the Company being. notified.

B. Claims must include the Company’s Work Order number(this is found on our Serviceable Tag, top).

A. The unit and its internal workings must not be tampered with.

B. All safety/lock wire and inspection seals must be intact and unbroken on the unit.

C. The unit must be returned in “as is” condition as determined at the time the discrepancy appeared.

D. The unit must not have been repaired or altered outside Company’s facility in any way.

E. The unit has not been misused, neglected or damaged by accident.

F. The Unit will be inspected and evaluated for the cause of discrepancy at the Company.

G. That maintenance and installation of the unit has been performed in accordance with Manufacturer’s Maintenance Manuals, including but not limited to aircraft operations manual, system manual and for component maintenance manual.

A. The warranty covers only the parts and material replaced at original processing of the unit by the Company.

B. The warranty covers only the specific discrepancy on which the original corrective action was taken.

C. The warranty covers only discrepancies on that unit resulting from our workmanship.

D. Units returned for Warranty after ‘test’ only will be re-tested at no charge, however, if original test results are confirmed, a test fee shall be appropriately charged.

E. Warranty consideration shall be denied for components for which it has been determined an existing design induced failure condition exists.

F. Warranty consideration shall be denied if the unit has been subjected to any maintenance, installation, storage, operation, use, handling or environment which is improper or not in accordance with instructions.

G. The Company’s obligations under these warranties are conditioned on the buyer’s obligation to maintain records which will accurately reflect· actual maintenance performed on the unit and confirm the discrepancy. The Company, at its request, shall be given access to such records for substantiating warranty claims hereunder.

H. All other warranties, whether expressed, implied or statutory, such as warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose are hereby excluded and disclaimed to the extent that they exceed the warranties granted herein. In no event shall the Company be liable for consequential or incidental damages.


 The Zee Company, Inc., offers a special warranty period for 204755, 15310000, and 14570000 cooling turbines. The period and conditions are as follows:

One (1) calendar year from installation or one thousand (1,000) aircraft operating hours divided into two (2) five hundred (500) hour segments as follows:

a. 0-500 hours unlimited, unconditional warranty; provided unit was properly handled and serviced upon installation.

b. 500-1,000 hours prorated limited warranty based on aircraft hours

(see examples 1 and 2 below)

Example 1: Unit fails at 750 hours
750 – 500 = 250 hours of warranty service life used
(unconditional warranty period)

250/500 = 1/2 or 50% of warranty service life used

100% (eligible warranty) – 50% (used warranty) =
50% of warranty service life remaining.

Net repair cost discounted an additional l 50%.

Example 2: Unit fails at 900 hours
900 – 500 = 400 hours of warranty service life used

400/500 4/5 or 80% of warranty service life used

100% – 80% = 20% of warranty service life remaining

Net repair cost discounted an additional 20%.

Any other specific warranty consideration questions are covered under the standard Zee Company, Inc., Warranty Policy.

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